Welcome and Thank you for visiting www.realsolutionsmiami.com .We understand that running a fitness facility location is a very complex enterprise, hygiene,customer safety and solid equipment are always a major concern.! For all those needs we are here!. Real solutions specialized on Cleaning services for the FITNESS industry pushing the cleaning to higher levels reaching to disinfection ,we provide disinfecting wipes that complement our services .Been in Miami is a pleasure but our environment is perfect for bacteria growth, Real solutions has a specific cleaning process that help in the reduction of bacteria and creates a healthier environment for you location and your customers. Bacteria's are everywhere ,in equipment, floors ,changing rooms etc, you need a company that’s up to the challenge. With Real Solutions your facility will received a five Star results on every service. Our proven processes,High quality peroxide base cleaning products and our ULV disinfection and sterilization Fog; Will bring the best results  to you location.

Visit our ig @alex-realsolutionsmiami.

We cover most of Miami Dade and Broward 

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